2 thoughts on “Chapter 7

  1. Chapter 7
    1. Mary is called the Queen of the Militants as:
    First, She is the Cooperator with Christ in the redemption. With Him, she has redeemed all of us and with Him she must continue this work by applying to each soul in particular the fruits of Calvary (because she alone assisted her Son in saving us.
    Second. Mary is the Distributor of all graces. If grace comes to men only through her, and if an apostle cannot achieve anything except through graces, then must we not depend on her? When you felt the desire to become a militant, this longing arose in you by the grace of God? Did we not say that this grace comes to you except thorough Mary..
    Third, Mary is the Mother of all men. She alone is their spiritual Mother, because she alone gave them and still gives them Christ, their life.You are a guardian, a tutor to whom the Blessed Mother has entrusted her children. You are a helper to Mary, our spiritual Mother. We are to only follow her directives as her children.
    2.When you felt the desire to become a militant, how else did this long arise in you except by the grace of God?And how else did this grace come to you except through Mary?When you talked to other to make them understand the thoughts of Christ, what inspired you to do this? Was it not grace? And who sent you this grace? Was it not Mary?
    3.Mary, being the Mother of men, it is Mary who gives you your mission, whether you realize it or not. Hence you should exercise this mission only according to her directives. Your success will be due to her alone
    4. We are dependent on Mary for Christ as the entire mission of the Church came from Christ. But on whom have we depended for Christ? On Mary.
    Even before the preaching of Peter and the other apostles, Christ was already preached by an apostle who was in every way striking and outstanding an apostle who, in view of his mission, was sanctified in teh womb of his mother-John the Baptist. But how was John sanctified in the womb? Through Mary. When Mary went to Judea, the hill country of Zachary and saluted Elizabeth, when Elizabeth heard the greeting of Mary, that the babe in her womb leapt. Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit. “Blessed…..the the mother of my Lord should come to me?….babe in my womb leapt for joy” (Luke 1:39-44) The miracle of Cana, standing beneath the Cross, awaiting the Holy Spirit inthe Upper Room with the Apostles.As we go through the life of Christ, it was always at Mary’s request, or with Mary beside Him, that Our Lord, manifested His powers. .


  2. Mary is the Queen of Militants because it is Mary who sends all militants into combat, she helps them in the struggle, and she gives them the victory. Mary gives us our mission; hence, we should exercise this mission only according to her directives. Since we depend strictly and necessarily on Mary in our role as militant, it is important that we become as intimated as possible with Mary. We were dependent on Mary for Christ when she gave her Fiat to do the will of God and become the mother of Christ. She was with Christ in the beginning and remains with him until the end.


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