Part II, Ch. 1

1. Must we be in a state of grace to be a militant?

2. Is it possible to remain in a state of grace? If yes, why? If no, why?

3. Through whom does God wish to give us the grace of purity?

4. Are we weaker than Satan? Who do we need fighting with us and why?

5. What happens to us when we live in intimacy with our heavenly Mother?

6. What has our Lady been called by the saints?

7. Finish the quote “for he who exposes himself to danger….”

One thought on “Part II, Ch. 1

  1. Part II, Ch. 1
    1.You must be in the state of grace to be a true militant of Christ.
    2.It is extremely difficult to remain always in the state of grace. You’ve gone to confession and you are so happy and you believe it is possible to avoid sin. Then, slowly, without your knowing how it comes about, these dispositions change. The temptations return, charming, and violent and you find yourself weak.
    “Yes” it is impossible to stay in the state of grace “if you fight alone. The devil who tempts you is more powerful than you are. “No” , if you put your reliance on God. With Him you are all powerful. His strength shines forth in your weakness. Regardless of the temptation, His grace is sufficient for you.
    3. God wishes to give you the grace of purity, especially through His Mother.
    4. You are weaker than Satan. When you are alone and he attacks you, you succumb.
    You have only Mary fighting with you, Do you not know that the devils fear her more than all the angels and saints together, and they experience a special fear before Her who must always crush their head?
    5.When you live in intimacy with Mary, your heavenly Mother, you love for purity will increase and temptations will become weaker and less frequent. you are calmer and your heart enamored with the love of purity.
    Your consecration to Mary, is that you must respect everything which belongs to our Blessed Mother.
    Your intercessions to Mary will assist you in temptations against purity.
    6.the saints in Heaven call Our Lady, “suppliant omnipotence” This means she intensely desires to help you to avoid crucifying her divine Son anew by grave sin and to remain always a child worthy of her.
    7.”For he who exposes himself to danger will perish therein.”

    Ch. 2.
    1.Mary will make you understand that Christ associates you in her mission, in order that you may help her to ransom the world; and that she has called you to be her militant in order that you may assist her in leading the world to Christ.
    This is because, she is depending on you, Christ depends on you, the Church and innumerable brothers in Christ are relying on you.
    2. Mary will take you to Calvary, close to the cross of Jesus and there you will understand instinctively what true love for souls is.


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