Part II, Ch. 3

1. What is the “Soul of the Apostolate?” What is the exterior life? What is the interior life?

2. What does the author say we carry within us if we are in a state of grace?

3. Why are the active and interior lives completely interdependent?

4. Why does Dom Chautard say that the apostle must have an ardent devotion to Mary?

5. What happens when we draw near to Mary?

6. What happens to souls when they leave the sanctuary of Mary to spend time in exterior works?

7. What happens when we remain habitually under Her influence?

8. What are Father Chaminade’s recommendations for his disciples?

9. How did Father Chaminade practice what he preached?

2 thoughts on “Part II, Ch. 3

  1. Part 2, Ch. 3 and Ch. 4
    1. The ‘Soul of the Apostolate” is the interior life. Habitual attention to this divine life in you is the interior life. Consists of entering frequently into yourself to find Our Lord within you to talk to Him about His interests, to learn from Him how to act according to His views and how little by little to adopt His thoughts, His sentiments, His desires.
    The exterior life is what senses manifest what we see, what we hear, what we touch, what we feel. It is the natural life of man.
    2.If you are in the state of grace, you carry your own little chapel with you. It is your heart, where Jesus remains night and day to converse with you whenever you wish.
    3 “Active works, a means of sanctification for interior souls, become, for others a menace to their salvation.”
    The Blessed mother the most captivating model of the interior life. She was the great Silent Woman.
    Exterior Lives , men of action and sometimes see lamentable failures.
    4.The apostle must have an ardent devotion to Mary Immaculate and how devotion to Mary helps to preserve the heart from attachment to creatures.
    5. She is like a most secluded sanctuary where you feel penetrated by the spirit of recollection as soon as you enter. The Apostles spent 10 days with Mary and prepared themselves to receive the Holy Spirit, in order that they might then go forth to conquer the world.
    6.When you leave this sanctuary to devote yourself to exterior activity, all sorts of human and selfish preoccupations will strive to ensnare you again in order to ruin your apostolate.
    7.But if you become intimately united with Mary, you will never go away entirely. Even when speaking to men, you will remain close to her!
    8.Fr. Chaminade’s recommendations for his disciples are: “since transforming his soul into a temple of the Lord, he there erects an altar, upon which he offers to God the sacrifice of his will; he never loses sight of the divine presence; and consecrates his heart to Mary, as a sanctuary whence arise most fervent prayers addressed to her.”
    9. He himself admirably practiced what he preached. He acts and is always busy, yet he is always self-possessed; nevertheless, he does much work because grace does much in him.

    Ch. 4
    1. Vanity can insinuate itself everywhere, even into the holiest actions.
    2. How can a man do the work of God while seeking his own interests.How can God bless a work undertaken to usurp His glory?
    3.Don’t you see that you just as effectively demolish your own work whenever you seek therein the satisfaction of your vanity?.
    4.A militant devotes himself to a work with all his heart, but is criticized when he believes he has merited praise, so he abandons everything or doesn’t get a thank you, or someone else gets the position you wanted and worked for, jealous of those who have had more success -happy at their failures; another discourages those who come to him to propose a new work, “It will not succeed” is the answer.
    4.Self-seeking, which hides itself under the appearance of devotedness to a good cause. That is seeing only the work with which one is occupied and ignoring all others. He calls himself a Catholic, but doesn’t have the Catholic spirit.
    5.St. Paul teaches on the Mystical Body of Christ. “For the body is one and has many members, and all the members of the body…….each has their function but work together,…..when one member of the body ails, so does the whole body……… does the Body of Christ the Church. We are all members and when one member suffers, we suffer with in, and if one glories, we glory with it. Now you are the body of Christ, member for member.” 1 Cor. 12:12-28).
    6.Mary consents to the divine proposal, she will have for Son the ” Man of Sorrows” and she will be the Mother of Sorrows. She is not frightened, or think of this honor but only of God and says so in the “Magnificant.”
    7. She is concerned solely with giving Jesus to the world.
    8.Mary’s constant forgetfulness of herself reveals her beauty. We are to admire her, love her, imitate her. be unselfish, rejoice at other’s success etc. What does your own reputation matter? “May Jesus be praised at any cost!”


  2. Part II Ch. 5 ……and Ch. 6 below
    1. Fear paralyzes militants when they find themselves alone among people of a different way of thinking.
    If their principles have been attacked, they keep a prudent silence, or they plead attenuating circumstances.
    If Christian morality is outraged, they say nothing or try to make believe, by pleasantries or smiles that they have a heart just as totally corrupt as the others.
    2.sometimes heroic courage is needed in order not to be ashamed of the Master Well-intentioned people are scandalized and create secret or open opposition. Those in authority who ought to encourage and protect do not seem to realize that the world is no longer as it was in the time of their youth. New needs must have new remedies..
    3. The Blessed Virgin had immense responsibility which it imposed upon her, when Gabriel announced that God was calling her to become the Mother of His Son.
    4. The Blessed Virgin was called to an office incomparably greater than that of all the bishops and popes taken together; for upon her depended the salvation of the wold world and the realization of the eternal decrees of God and the accomplishment of the greatest mysteries after that of the Most Holy Trinity.
    5. Soon after the Angel Gabriel had announced her Motherhood to her, she came to see that the Mother of the “Man of sorrows” would also have to suffer. She conceived by a miracle of the Holy Spirit. No one knew how she was with Child, and Joseph passed through frightful anguish, and decided to “put her away.” She wished only to do His will, Her reputation and all the consequences of this mystery would be taken care of by Him who had accomplished it.
    6. Mary remained always a Valiant woman..
    At the foot of the Cross, only Mary and John remained. She did not collapse or stand at a distance, she was there for her Son. We are to draw courage from Mary, Like John, always keep yourself close to Mary. She will make you participate in her strength of soul and will enable you to understand whence true courage comes.
    You become a coward when you think only of yourself. But you will be bold and intrepid when you realize that you are fight for one who is stronger than all the forces of the world and hell together. Mary will help you think not of you own interests but those of Christ. She will show you it would be dishonorable for you to be ashamed of Christ, but to defend His interests against all She will convince you than Christ will never be vanquished as long as you combat for Him under the orders of His Mother.

    Ch. 6
    1. To be courageous is sometimes hard; but to persevere to the very end is a hundred times harder.
    2.These things weaken our perseverance: another interest, good times with more congenial companions, the love of a young girl, a more lucrative job, or a position which enables them to get ahead in the world,. Or impatience in the face of constant trial, abandonment of everything. , lost their fervor, monotony of their occupations, prayers said poorly or omitted, less frequent Communions with out true union with Christ.
    3.Mary will teach you never to desert the service of Her Son, She knows what it costs to persevere. She had pronounced her fiat. She was ready to serve Him. Mary alone remained completely faithful even to the end. She followed Him to Calvary when most of the Apostles had fled.
    4. John found courage close to Mary.
    5. Mary remained firm as a rock, even when her Son breathed forth His llast sigh and when she had before her eyes only a corpse. Mary never ceased to believe and to love. Perseverance is wanting only because faith and love are wanting.
    6. The Apostles had sworn fidelity even unto death. But they also took flight and hid themselves. Their leader, frightened by the words of a servant girl, declared with an oath and with curses that he did not know this man.
    7. Close to her, you, too, will continue always to believe and to love.
    8.Fr. Paulin spoke to him of Christ, who was counting on him, and of the ever-victorious Virgin, who would guide and support him.
    9. But, close to Mary, who led him to Calvary, he soon understood that the cross is the price of all good that is done.


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