One thought on “Part II, Intro

  1. Part II, Intro.
    1. Soldiers are not formed overnight.Christ’s militants were not solidly formed for the combat: because they lacked the qualities indispensable for success. They become discouraged, combating one against another, passed over to the camp of the enemy. So many failure, so many ruined works.
    2.Christ is the Supreme Militant. For Jesus has wished to be like us “in all things except sin” (Heb. 4:15).
    3. Our heavenly Mother, Mary is our supernatural Mother and in her we will find treasures of affection, of delicacy, of purity, of nobleness, of generosity, and of devotedness, such as no earthly mother could reveal to you. A good Christian Mother will take care of your formation, help with your faults, honesty, upright, loyal, devoted generosity etc. but sometimes, a Mother has to work, care for elderly parents, or not able to care for you, or perhaps deceased.
    4. then our only requirement is to endeavor to live in even greater intimacy with the Mother of Jesus, as certain saints have done, when their own Mother was not there, or


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