Part II, Ch. 5

1. What paralyzes militants? Why? Why do they often quit?

2. What is needed? Why?

3. Describe the courage of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

4. Why could we say that She had more courage than all of the Bishops and Popes taken together?

5. Did She know that Her “yes” would require great suffering? How?

6. Who should we draw courage from? Why? When do we become cowardly?

One thought on “Part II, Ch. 5

  1. Part II, Ch. 5
    1.When they find themselves alone among people of a different way of thinking, how swiftly fear paralyzes them.
    If their principles have been attacked, they keep a prudent silence, or they plead attenuating circumstances. Often they are afraid to manifest their thoughts or their sentiments. they feels themselves so feeble before the immensity of the work to be done. they find themselves so ignorant in the face of the complexity of the problems, and often so awkward that they only bungles the job!
    2. Sometimes heroic courage is needed in order not to be ashamed of the Master. Come near to your heavenly Mother. She will teach you the courage which makes militants for Christ.
    3. The Blessed Mother had courage when the Angel Gabriel announced to her that God was calling her to become the Mother of His Son. It was an honor but more so, think of the immense responsibility which it imposed upon her.
    4.The Blessed Virgin was called to an office incomparably greater than that of all the bishops and popes taken together; for upon her depended the salvation of the whole world, and even more than that, the realization of the eternal decrees of God and the accomplishment of the greatest mysteries after that of the Most Holy Trinity.
    5.Mary knew from the prophets and from the spirit of wisdom which had filled her soul from the moment of her Immaculate Conception that the Messias would be a”man of sorrows,” “a worm of the earth and no man” (Ps.. 21:7) “his look as it were hidden and despised;” “his look as it were hidden and despised;” that He would be “despised, and the most abject of men,” “afflicted,” “wounded for our iniquities,” charged by the Lord with our iniquities, covered with bruises that we might be healed.” Mary had the courage!
    6.We should draw courage from Mary as Mary confided in Him, she wished only to do His will. Her reputation and all the consequences of this mystery would be taken care of by Him who had accomplished it. Mary knew That God, who had asked her consent in this mystery, had not told her to reveal it, so she truly confided in Him.
    We know of Mary’s trials,as when pregnant with Jesus before marrying Joseph, travelling for several days to Bethlehem, giving birth to the Christ Child in a cave/stable for animals; leave suddenly to travel to Egypt for 8 days across the desert with her infant child, Lost Jesus at age 12 in the Temple, separated herself from him when He began His public mission; she learned that His frenzied compatriots wished to cast Him from the height of the hill and many more trials, ending with seeing her Son hanging between two criminals and died on the Cross for us. the sinners.
    6. To keep up our courage, even if all your enemies should confront you at one time, like John, always keep yourself close to Mary. You will ve able to participate in her strength of soul and will enable you to understand when true courage comes.
    We become a coward when you think only of yourself.


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