Part II, Ch. 6

1. Is courage or perseverance harder?

2. Name some things that weaken our perseverance?

3. Who will teach us never to desert Jesus? Why?

4. Where did John find his courage?

5. How was Our Lady able to persevere? When is perseverance wanting?

6. What happened to those who deserted Christ and His Mother?

7. Finish “Always remain close to Mary….”

8. What did Father Paulin say one must need to be 100% apostle?

9. What is the price of all good that is to be done?

One thought on “Part II, Ch. 6

  1. Part II, Ch. 6 be courageous is sometimes hard; but to persevere to the very end is a hundred times harder.
    2.Our perseverance weakens when in our fervor, another interest pulls us away as good times, love, more lucrative job,or position to get ahead in world. We grow impatient in the face of constant trial; causing our courage to become exhausted and weaken. Or simply losing our fervor as prayers said poorly or omitted, less frequent Communions, or coming less often to meetings that we used to be enthralled with or temptations to do as the others are doing?
    3.We are never alone, are not Christ and His Mother with you? Mary will teach you never to desert the service of her Son. She knows what it costs to persevere.
    4.Mary followed Christ to Calvary, with John, who found courage close to her.
    5. Mary remained firm as a rock, even when her Son breathed forth His last sigh and when she had before her eyes only a corpse. Mary was able to persevere because she never ceased to believe and to love.
    Perseverance is wanting only because faith and love are wanting.
    6.Those who have deserted the cause of Christ had faith in themselves and loved only themselves.
    7. Always remain close to Mary, and you too, will continue always to believe and to love.
    8.Fr. Paulin said “to be a one hundred per cent apostle, you must be a one hundred per cent servant of Mary.”
    9.Close to Mary, who led him to Calvary, he soon understood that the cross is the price of all good that is done. Fr. Paulin speaks about a young man, Henry whom many proclaimed that he was timid and inexperienced young man, but able to bring about such quick results in the face of such great obstacles. Fr. Paulin spoke to him of Christ, who was counting on him, and of the ever-victorious Virgin, who would guide and support him.Henry acquired a habit of not undertaking anything without consulting Mary and without confiding the enterprise to her.


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