Part II, Ch. 7

1. Why is it a blessing that man is not made solely of intellect and will? What does he also have? Why is this important?

2. Should all of our sorrows prompt us to go within ourselves? Why not? What should we do with them? Why does Our Lady understand?

3. What makes one self-centered?

4. How does a virginal heart love? Why can Our Lady help us?

5. Why did Jesus make Her our mother? How does she help us?

One thought on “Part II, Ch. 7

  1. Part II, Ch. 7
    1. Man is not made up solely of intellect and will-and happily so, for otherwise he would be a less complete being than he is.
    Man also has a heart. This is important for sometimes the heart bleeds and suffers; seeks to open itself to another heart which can understand it and share its anguish. Jesus also wept on certain occasions. Was He not sorrowful even unto death?
    2.There are many sorrows in the life of a militant-in family, work relations,in apostolate, within yourself.
    Give your sorrows a chance to escape by telling them to someone-to whom -a confidant. Either you meet only sellf-centeredness or lack of understanding or receive words of consolation which only serve to harden your sorrowing heart against all including God.
    A Priest, yes if he is capable of understanding the anguish, but all do not understand or haven’t the time to concern themselves with such troubles. But there is one Mother who always understands and who can always help you, your Mother in Christ. She understands because she is the most perfect of mothers, and you are always her little child, whom she cares for night and day..
    3. Impurity makes one self-centered.
    4. A virginal heart loves with a purity and delicacy that is entirely its own; and your Mother is the Virgin of virgins.
    5.Her divine Son has made her your Mother precisely that she might help you. Sometimes in consolation of sickness, opposition, temptation or a misfortune. Sometimes she shows you that your sorrow is only the result of vanity, jealousy, or secret ambition. At times she makes you seek for a remedy until you find it. She consoles you by making you understand what is a misfortune in the eyes of men without faith, can become for you and others the cause of increased good fortune and of greater success on earth and in heaven.She understands because she is the Mother of Sorrows, she is our heavenly Mother and she can help because she obtains from her divine Son all that she asks for her other sons.
    Mary consoles you by leading you to Christ; for the Blessed Virgin exists, and wills to exist, only for Christ.


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