Part II, Ch. 8

1. Who is the Apostle of the Apostles? What do we receive from Him?

2. Every true militant is a prolongation of what?

3. What makes us another Christ?

4. No one has become a saint without what? Why?

5. What is the secret of transforming yourself easily and rapidly into another Christ?

6. What did St. Augustine call our Blessed Lady? Explain

7. What happens to those who “embrace the secret of grace?”

8. What does Father Chaminade say must happen in the virginal womb of Mary? Why?

9. How do the elect attain the fullness of age?

One thought on “Part II, Ch. 8

  1. Part II, Ch. 8
    1. Christ is the Apostle of apostles, the one Apostle from whom all others receive their apostolic mission.
    2. Every true militant is a prolongation of Christ, another Christ, and the more perfectly he reproduces Christ, the more perfect a militant will he be.
    3.You are another Christ by the fact that you are in the state of grace.
    4. Pope Pius X said,” There is no surer or more direct road than Mary for uniting all mankind in Christ and obtaining through Him the perfect adoption of sons.
    No one has become a saint without an outstanding devotion to Mary.
    5 Since our Blessed Mother is the Distributor of all graces, it is evident that she will give the graces which make saint to her more devoted and more loving children.
    6.St. Augustine calls our Blessed Lady “the mold of God.” He who is cast in this mold is presently formed and molded in Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ in him.
    7. Those who embrace the secret of grace, who have discovered the beautiful mold of Mary, where Jesus was naturally and divinely formed; and without trusting in their own skill, but only in the goodness of the mold, they cast themselves and lose themselves in Mary to become the portraits of Jesus Christ after nature.
    8.Father Chaminade expressed the same truth, basing himself on the third article of the Creed: “Who was conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of the Virgin Mary.”
    “It was in the womb of our Blessed Lady,” he explains, ” that Jesus Christ was conceived of the Holy Ghost and took on a nature resembling our own; in this virginal womb of Mary .
    The elect must also be conceived by the operation of the Holy Ghost and formed according to the image of Jesus Christ by her maternal care.
    ‘Jesus is truly born of Mary; the elect also are born of her. Mary is the Mother of the natural body of Jesus Christ and also of His Mystical Body.


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