Part III, Ch. 2

1. To pray is what?

2. What must we join to our feeling of powerlessness without Christ?

3. Should we be content with our prayers alone?

4. What prayer is called the Apostolic prayer par excellence? Why?

5. Who taught Bernadette to pray the Rosary?

6. What did Our Lady call herself at Fatima?

7. What did Our Lady desire of the children in Fatima?

8. What did Pope Leo XIII write regarding the rosary?

9. What did Pope Pius XI recommend to those in Catholic Action regarding the rosary?

One thought on “Part III, Ch. 2

  1. Part 3, Ch. 2
    1. To pray is, first of all, to be convinced that without our Lord we can do nothing supernatural; not just almost nothing, but nothing, absolutely nothing.. To pray is to recognize that despite natural talents, we are incapable of success in whatever we might be doing, unless prayer strengthens us. “without me you can do nothing.” He Himself told us.
    2.To the feeling of your powerlessness without Christ you must join the conviction of your omnipotence with Christ. After affirming that nothing could be done with Him, He added: “He who abides in Me, and I in him, he bears much fruit.” (John 15:5)
    3.Sometimes you pray and nothing happens. Why didn’t you continue praying. Jesus promised to hear us, but He has not promised to hear us immediately. We must ask, know and pray unceasingly . Heaven and earth will pass away, but His word will not. Remember St. Monica’s prayers for her son, St. Augustine..prayed for years.
    4. The Rosary is the apostolic prayer par excellence.
    5.At Lourdes, our Blessed Mother taught Bernadette to recite her Rosary piously.
    6.At Fatima, Our Lady responded to the children, “I am Our Lady of the Rosary,”
    7. Our Lady asked the children of Fatima recite the Rosary every day with devotion.
    8.Pope Leo XIII wrote: “Sometimes we have seen the fervor of piety grow cold in certain countries and the practice of reciting the Rosary decline. But then an astonishing thing happens; either by reason of some great public danger or under the pressure of some necessity, the recitation of the Rosary has been reestablished more than all other prayers.” (such as now with Covid- 19; unrest throughout our country and especially with Church closings).
    9.Pope Pius Xi, the great Pope of Catholic Action, recommended the recitation of the Rosary to the members of this great apostolic movement. “May the Rosary serve for those who devote themselves to Catholic Action as a means of urging them on to greater fervor and zeal!.


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