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The new presence of Christ on earth in His Church is the third phase of the complete Life of Christ, and in order to demarcate it from His Physical Life and from His Glorified Life, tradition has called it The Mystical Life.

Fulton J. Sheen

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The Mystical Body of Christ

Ch. 1 – The Whole Christ

What are the three ways that man may influence posterity? Describe. What is the first great link in relation to teaching? What is the second great link in relation to example? Why aren’t teaching and example the only ways in which Jesus Christ influences posterity? What does Fulton Sheen say has led to the decayContinue reading “Ch. 1 – The Whole Christ”

Part III, Ch. 6

1. What must every apostle be prepared to do? 2. What is necessary to work for the cause? 3. List some things that are necessary to work for the cause. What else must we add?

Part III, Ch. 5

1. What means did Jesus use to save the world? 2. What is required of us if we are to help save others? Why? 3. Why is the Blessed Mother considered the Co-Redemptrix? How? 4. Why did She suffer more than all the saints, all the apostles, and all the martyrs combined? 5. Besides sufferingContinue reading “Part III, Ch. 5”

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