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Far from being an abstract treatise, The Glories of Divine Grace is an impassioned appeal to us all to understand the nature of Sanctifying Grace, to preserve this incredible gift from God, and to grow in it each day for the rest of our lives.

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Join us as we learn the means by which you can be victorious in all of life’s challenges – the personal, the cultural, and the spiritual.

The Glories of Divine Grace

Part I, Chapter 10

How does grace penetrate the soul like fire penetrates iron? What is the nature of a being? How is man distinguished from brutes? By what does man possess reason and by what the light of God? What causes man to be reduced to a brute? What are man’s two natures? Can man serve both naturesContinue reading “Part I, Chapter 10”

Part I, Chapter 9

Nothing is more eminent in God than His what? What does sanctity signify as the highest quality of divine goodness? How shall we be perfect partakers of the Divine Nature? How is grace sanctifying? Can grace and sin coexist? When will you lose the capacity of sinning? How have the Saints become so great andContinue reading “Part I, Chapter 9”

Part I, Chapter 8

How does man differ from animals? How is man in some degree like God? What must we do to behold God? What does the Holy Spirit use to make you a partaker of the divine nature? What does the light of reason help us perceive and know? What does the light of grace make knownContinue reading “Part I, Chapter 8”

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