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Queen of Militants

by Father Emil Neubert

Join us as we learn the means by which you can be victorious in all of life’s challenges – the personal, the cultural, and the spiritual.

Queen of Militants

Chapter 4

1. Who is the Supreme Militant? 2. Who was the cause of perdition for all of us? 3. Why is Christ called the “New Adam?” 4. Who was the cause of our ruin? 5. What came from the woman, Eve? 6. Who is the “New Eve?” 7. How did Mary help to save us? 8.Continue reading “Chapter 4”

Chapter 3

What was Pope Pius X directive regarding Our Lady? What role does Our Lady play in the life of Jesus and in the life of the militant? Was Our Lady a militant? How so? Why must we consecrate ourselves to Her? What did Venerable Libermann learn about consecrating his work to Our Lady?

Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Questions: “Queen of Militants” Can we truly be a follower of Christ without being a great lover of Mary? Why not? What did Pope Pius X say was the key to the renewal of the world? Name a couple of his reasons for this. Can one find the child without the Mother? IfContinue reading “Chapter 2”

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