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St. Jerome Writing by Caravaggio


Queen of Militants

by Father Emil Neubert

Join us as we learn the means by which you can be victorious in all of life’s challenges – the personal, the cultural, and the spiritual.

Queen of Militants

Part III, Ch. 4

1. As a Christian who are we witness of? How must we fight? What must we study? 2. How must we speak? What must we do before we speak? What else? 3. What is it that moves men? How is knowledge of this important to working on men? 4. How else must we speak? Why?Continue reading “Part III, Ch. 4”

Part III, Ch. 3

1. What was a greater lesson than all of Jesus’ words? What should we disciples of Christ then do? 2. A disciple of Christ is? 3. What gave Christ the remarkable ascendency over souls? 4. Describe Christ’s love? 5. From whom did Christ inherit all of His human qualities? 6. How will we conquer manyContinue reading “Part III, Ch. 3”

Part III, Ch. 2

1. To pray is what? 2. What must we join to our feeling of powerlessness without Christ? 3. Should we be content with our prayers alone? 4. What prayer is called the Apostolic prayer par excellence? Why? 5. Who taught Bernadette to pray the Rosary? 6. What did Our Lady call herself at Fatima? 7.Continue reading “Part III, Ch. 2”

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