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St. Jerome Writing by Caravaggio


Far from being an abstract treatise, The Glories of Divine Grace is an impassioned appeal to us all to understand the nature of Sanctifying Grace, to preserve this incredible gift from God, and to grow in it each day for the rest of our lives.

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Join us as we learn the means by which you can be victorious in all of life’s challenges – the personal, the cultural, and the spiritual.

The Glories of Divine Grace

Part I, Chapter 7

How did Lucifer blaspheme God? What did our Saviour say about our moral perfection? How is man far superior to irrational animals? What allows the light of divine glory to be reflected by the soul pure and entire? When will you see the glory within you? What are St. Paul’s words in regards to faithContinue reading “Part I, Chapter 7”

Part I, Chapter 6

How do all things resemble God? How are our souls and all pure spirits a certain image of the Divine Nature? How are they very different? How does the rational creature become perfectly similar to God? By what means do we enjoy the participation in the Divine Nature? What is Deification? Explain the glorification ofContinue reading “Part I, Chapter 6”

Part I, Chapter 5

When is man superior to all created things and why? What did the holy martyr Maximus write? Describe the various classes from things all the way to God. What causes us to purchase with immense trouble and large sums of money the society of the great? How does Christ transform us? How does iron inContinue reading “Part I, Chapter 5”

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