Imitation of Christ, Book IV, Chapter 8

Of the Oblation of Christ on the Cross, And of our own Resignation


AS I willing offered myself to God My Father, for your sins, with My hands stretched out upon the cross, and My body naked, so that nothing remained in Me which was not turned into a sacrifice, to appease the divine wrath:

Even so must you willingly offer yourself to Me daily in the Mass, for a pure and holy oblation, together with all your powers and affections, as heartily as you are able.

What do I require more of you, than that you endeavor to resign yourself entirely to Me?

Whatsoever you give besides yourself I regard not; for I seek not your gift, but yourself.

2. As it would not suffice you if you had all things but Me, so neither can it please Me whatever you give, as long as you offer not yourself.

Offer yourself to Me, and give your whole self for God, and your offering will be accepted.

Behold, I offered My whole self to the Father for you, and have given My whole Body and Blood for your food, that I might be all yours, and you might be always Mine.

But if you will stand upon your own self, and will not offer yourself freely to My will, your offering is not perfect, nor will there be an entire union between us.

Therefore, before all your works, you must make a free oblation of yourself into the hands of God, if you desire to obtain liberty and grace.

For the reason why so few become illuminated and internally free is because they do not wholly renounce themselves.

My sentence stands firm: “Unless a man renounce all, he cannot be my disciple.” If, therefore, you desire to be My disciple, offer up yourself to Me with all your affections.

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