Practical Reflection 6

It is not sufficient to know and to feel our weaknesses and miseries, and our continual danger of perishing eternally by yielding to our passions; we should also at the sight of them humble ourselves before God, and place our whole confidence in Him. We should incessantly bewail our exile, and cast and support ourselves upon the bounty of God. We should never remain in the state of sin, tepidity, or infidelity in which our weakness too often engages us, but immediately arise after we have fallen and speedily return to our heavenly Father when we find we have gone astray.

This life is so replete with temptations, pains, and miseries, that it becomes insupportable to a soul that loves God, and is afraid of offending Him. How shall I live, does it exclaim, and not sin? Yet how shall I sin and still live? to be ever falling, and then rising again; ever resisting my passions, and fighting against the irregular desires of my heart, is this life? It is continual death. Bet let us not grow weary or repressing, of fighting, and conquering our predominant passions, for in this consists the merit of a supernatural life, of a life conducting to eternal happiness.

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