True Devotion, No. 266

1. Before Holy Communion

266. (1) You must humble yourself most profoundly before God. (2) You must renounce your corrupt interior and your dispositions, however good your self-love may make them look. (3) You must renew your consecration by saying: “I am all thine, my dear Mistress, with all that I have.” (4) You must implore that good Mother to lend you her heart, that you may receive her Son there with the same dispositions as her own. You will explain to her that it touches her Son’s glory to be put into a heart so sullied and so inconstant as yours, which would not fail either to lessen His glory or to destroy it. But if she will come and dwell with you, in order to receive her Son, she can do so by the dominion which she has over all hearts; and her Son will be well received by her, without stain, without danger of being outraged or unnoticed: “God is in the midst thereof, it shall not be moved.” You will tell her confidently that all you have given her of your goods is little enough to honor her; but that by Holy Communion you wish to make her the same present as the Eternal Father gave her, and that you will honor her more by that than if you gave her all the goods in the world; and finally, that Jesus, who loves her in a most special manner, still desires to take His pleasure and repose in her, even in your soul, though it be far filthier and poorer than the stable where He did not hesitate to come, simply because she was there. You will ask her for her heart, by these tender words: “I take thee for my all. Give me thy heart, O Mary.”

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